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Say Good-Bye to Grooveshark

Is it time to say Good-bye to Grooveshk? What’s going on behind the scenes? How are the Legal battles affecting the site? What does this mean for the Gainesville tech community? And what can you do to get the music streaming service back? This article will answer all those questions. In the end, we hope you find it useful. But if not, you can always check out other similar services.

Grooveshark shutting down

While it’s difficult to see how a company can go under when a service provides free music streaming on its website, the sudden closure of Grooveshark today is a blow to the online music community. The company’s founders are apologetic for their mistakes, but they also admit that they’re not above the law. After all, they did obtain music without permission from major recording labels postinghub.

Although it’s a blow to music fans, Grooveshark’s closure is an important win for artists. It follows the closure of Napster, LimeWire, and Grokster. Global revenue from recorded music fell to $15 billion last year, down from $26.6 billion in 1999. While the International Federation of Phonographic Industry blames the loss of music sales on piracy, analysts believe the situation is far worse.

Legal battles

In 2010, Universal filed a lawsuit against grooveshark, alleging that the site was offering pirated copies of music and videos. The lawsuit claimed that Grooveshark’s service contained tracks from Universal Music’s pre-1972 back catalog that had not been recorded after that date. The case is currently in limbo. While Grooveshark claims that the lawsuit is groundless, it is unclear how many other companies are facing the same legal issues.

While Grooveshark had a similar business model to YouTube, it has been engaged in a legal battle with major labels. In the recent case, UMG Recording Inc. v. Escape Media Group Inc., the company was found to have violated the copyright rights of major record labels by providing users with access to pirated music thoptvnews. The company has also failed to defend itself against accusations that its employees uploaded thousands of songs.

Impact on Gainesville tech community

In 2006, Josh Greenberg, then a UF undergrad, founded Grooveshark, a music streaming service. The company grew rapidly, reaching over 40 million users monthly. By the end of 2015, Grooveshark had closed its doors. Despite the closure, the company’s impact on Gainesville’s tech community is not limited to the company’s success magazinemania. In addition to hiring UF students for the company, the founders gave back to the community by supporting the Gainesville Dev Academy and the Gainesville Technology Council.

While launching Grooveshark, Josh Greenberg is also working on another music-related mobile application. His goal is to develop the technology skills of members of the tech community, which is why he is expanding the school’s computer programming classes. In addition to his work at the company, Greenberg also works on the Gainesville Dev Academy, which offers computer programming training to Gainesville students.

Ways to get Grooveshark back

The first thing to understand is that Tarantino has been fighting for this technology company since before it was even launched. The company was sued by EMI for copyright infringement. As a result, it has withdrawn from the Danish and German markets newsbench. In addition, it has lost half of its users to competitors like Spotify, which has 13 million users. Tarantino says that his company expects its revenue in 2012 to be in line with last year, but that it is unlikely to be as large as last year.


One of the main reasons why Grooveshark was shut down was piracy. While the company denied this claim for a long time, it finally admitted it was piracy. According to Mark Mulligan, a music industry consultant, Grooveshark took advantage of gray areas in the law and endless appeals newsstock. But it may not stay open for very long, so it’s important to download your music before the site goes away for good.